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Watermelon, Chilli & Lime XPA
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ABV: 6.0%
Vol: 500mL
Released: September 15, 2021

Teaming up with our pals at the Village Pickle we wanted to get their favourite thing; chilli, into our favourite thing; beer. As we enter the warmer months we decided on a Chilli, Lime and Watermelon XPA to capture those summer salsa vibes.

A super pale XPA base, with gentle additions of new world hops set the scene for the watermelon and lime to sing proudly. Dried habaneros were infused in spirits overnight and a delicate addition added to the beer. The chilli adds complexity, just a light touch at the beginning that compounds the more you quaff. What results is a super refreshing, chilli beer loaded with flavour that won’t knock your socks off on the first go.

Pack: 4 x 500mL

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Not available for purchase online. Available from our Doggett Street takeaway fridge and all good stockists.