Half Baked

Speculaas Red Ale
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ABV: 8.0%
Vol: 500mL
Released: December 1, 2021

When our mates at Warners at the Bay approached us to make a beer for Chirstmas, we foolishly had no idea how batshit crazy they are; and agreed. The brief was to make a Biscoff beer; a Biscuit Red with Christmas spices and a creamy texture. We'd never tried Biscoff or Speculaas so had absolutely no clue what they were banging on about. And now, Biscoff is a regular spread in our households.

This is spiced caramel biscuits in a glass; plain, simple and oh-so creamy. A powerful caramel aroma and flavour is backed up by Christmas spices to give a beery take on the classic dutch cookies. With a head shaking, mind blowing, what-the-hell-were-we-thinking-and-whos-gonna-empty-this-mash-tun load of 13 different malts, this beer sports a gorgeous biscuit red hue. The extreme caramel maltiness is balanced by vanilla, Buderim ginger and local, infused cinnamon quills.

Pack: 4 x 500mL

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