Mean Streets

Sour IPA
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ABV: 6.0%
Vol: 500mL
Released: August 15, 2022

A meld of citrus hops and clean citrus sour. Mandarin and gooseberry hops on the nose, with a saline body, strong sour finish and a balanced bitterness. It really shouldn’t work, but the citrus on citrus is clean and refreshing.

Taking a light malt base with extra wheat and oats, we kettle soured with lactobacillus plantarum. Waimea, Amarillo and Cashmere were loaded in the boil and during huge dry hops. The balance of American IPA and American Wild Ale was a delicate endeavour, as we strive to meld big flavours across the board. The result is a super smashable, mandarin loaded juice bomb.

Pack: 4 x 500mL

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