Bourbon Barrel Aged Coffee, Choc & Vanilla Imperial Stout
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ABV: 10.0%
Vol: 375mL
Released: August 2, 2022

Incredible coffee and chocolate layers, highlight the pine and woody barrel flavours, with the vanilla providing a full mouthfeel for a silky smooth seduction sensation.

A thick, oozy and sexy Imperial Stout, loaded with 12 different malts, hopped with Simcoe and Columbus, was aged for 16 weeks in Makers Mark bourbon barrels. Once the coconut and vanilla extraction was on point, the beer was removed and split three ways. One straight up, one infused with coffee, cacao and vanilla and one infused with habaneros and peanuts. Temptation, seduction and deception, a complete entrapment.

Pack: 4 x 375mL

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Not available for purchase online. Available from our Doggett Street takeaway fridge and all good stockists.