Curious Critters

Curious Critters

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It’s bring your curious critter to work week as we’ve started mucking about with some more interesting beer styles. Not that American Stouts and Cherry Meads aren’t great … but you know, so is hanging out with the Shields’ on a Friday night.

With Table Beers, Dark Strongs and no boil Berliners all on the cards, we figured it was time to get @mogwaiculture involved. Mogwai is the brain offspring of Josh and his partner Elly. I’ve been lucky enough to know Josh since the old Merchant Brewing days. With a background in microbiology and neuroscience, as well as commercial brewing operations, Josh recognised a need for craft brewers to have better access to the cavalcade of fermentive organisms.

In conjunction with helping to create house strains for the likes of Bracket Brewing and access to esoteric wild yeasts for One Drop, Mogwai offer a range of commercial opportunities.

Yesterday we whacked a Belgian Dark Strong into barrels for next year. To really deliver that archetypical Belgian yeast ester profile though, we wanted a proper Belgian yeast. And in all my excruciatingly limited experience, dried yeast never delivers the concentration of fruity esters that you associate with this style. So Josh was good enough to turn in a huge pitch of Ardennes. This is a high attenuating Belgian strain that delivers dried fruit, pepper and sage characters.

And man, did it deliver in spades. We’re so excited about it, we’ve skimmed off a single keg for nitro, just so we can have it in our gobs before Christmas.

For big or small pitches of Brett, Sacch, Lecto, whatever you need, we cannot recommend these guys enough. You’ll get the full run down of pitching rates and expected attenuation for any application. Plus, Mogwai is a flipping great band.