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All Monsters Attack! - Peach, Plum & Pistachio Pastry Sour

85 Doggett St, Newstead

Brisbane Taproom

Nestled in a repurposed warehouse in Newstead, our taproom & brewery is a hidden gem for beer enthusiasts and food connoisseurs alike, featuring a unique and creative food menu that perfectly compliments our rotating selection of brews.


Food to drink beer to.

We’re all about fresh, flavourful, and fun food, pulling on plenty of Asian flavours and influences but delivering something uniquely ours to match our beers.

Science Made Tasty

Beer Geek Wednesday

Raw Beer Is Coming

Raw Beer Is Coming

No boil or raw beer is the process of not boiling the wort during production. After lautering the wort is bought up to 75+oC to achieve pasteurisation. From there it is directly cooled and yeast pi...
Cherry On Top

Cherry On Top

How good is returning from the summer break? Readjusting the sleep cycle, trudging around with a couple extra pot roasts in the mid section, and the inevitably insipid banalities from coworkers; “s...
Curious Critters

Curious Critters

It’s bring your curious critter to work week as we’ve started mucking about with some more interesting beer styles. Not that American Stouts and Cherry Meads aren’t great … but you know, so is hang...

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