3 - West Coast TIPA

3 - West Coast TIPA

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It’s our Birthday and we’ll Westie if we want to. A concept we’ve been working on for a while and beyond excited to see it come to fruition. A triple threat of proper, old skool Westies, where IBU isn’t a dirty word and terminal gravity was under 2.5P. We’ve even bought back Dingemans Biscuit malt, loads of Munich and a touch of Wheat, the old way combo. As the Westies progress, so does the dankness, IBU and ABV. Good luck!

 Go hard or go home. A triple threat of more Columbus and Simcoe than we’ve ever used, Mosaic LUPO in the dry hop and Chinook Incognito because we needed the IBUs. A deep copper colour warns of the flavour intensity. Supersaturated liquid dankness that will consume your pitiful, hazy-overloaded soul. Rich and decadent, huge but somehow balanced. A painstakingly slow, cold ferment keeps the flavours tight, and allows the business crippling amount of hops really shine as a complex array of dank hop flavours.

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3 - West Coast TIPA



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