Hive - Elderflower & Ginger Sparkling Mead

Hive - Elderflower & Ginger Sparkling Mead

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Using honey from Brisbane rooftops, fermented full dry, we’ve back-sweetened with more honey, hand made Elderflower syrup and ginger. Taking 5kg of dried Australian Elderlowers we made a syrup with sugar and infused it for 7 days. The syrup was added during back-sweetening to retain that delicate Elderfflower flavour.

Soft and floral on the nose, with some sweetness and herbal character evident. The ginger provides some balance against the sweetness and improves the drinkability. Somewhat elegant the delicate floral flavours are the hero supported by honey notes and a nice spiced finish.

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Hive - Elderflower & Ginger Sparkling Mead



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