Lost Souls - Yuzu Rice Lager

Lost Souls - Yuzu Rice Lager

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Lost Souls; an apt description of Working Title, a Netherworld adjacent karaoke bar and a Bavarian Lager strain from Mogwai Labs. The unholy confluence of such neerdowells, miscreants and down-right terrible singers brings you a citrus twist on a crispy-clean rice lager. A 25% broken rice malt base was cold fermented with Lost Souls lager yeast from a renown Bavarian monastery and secondary fermented on yuzu.

That super clean, cold conditioned, lager-phenolic profile hits you first, supported by soft citrus notes and a certain salinity. The flavour is moorish and light, with a mineral body and clean finish. A hint of herbal noble hops leaves a white pepper finish that’s super crushable. A tidy package, that will definitely make you hollar a little better.

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Lost Souls - Yuzu Rice Lager



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