Cali IPA

Cali IPA

Today we had the privilege of brewing a new style for us; a California IPA.

As the semantics of which Coast and what esoteric modern hop flavours rages, we thought it’d be fun to try something that’s a little both worlds of the things we love.

Cali IPAs are Westies at heart. Being dryer, more resinous, danker and more citrus forward than their Eastie cousins. They are, however, distinct from a classic Westie, being much lighter in body, with less malt structure and chewiness.

The feeling is that the lack of malt structure allows more unique hop flavours shine. In reality, as we move away from Cascade, Centennial and Citra, we can highlight the broad spectrum of modern hop flavours.

Today we used El Dorado, Idaho7 and Simcoe with a Citra Dip. We thought it’d be interesting to see what’s underneath Citra once we remove it’s potent Myrcene contribution. So a little old skool, a little contemporary and a whole lotta experimentation. The beauty is because it’s not a style style you guys can’t @ us. I mean, you probably will anyway, because is it even a real Cali IPA if it doesn’t have cryopopflexincogpeacharine.